FSJ Community Couch Conversations- Opioid Dialogues Panel Event

You’re invited to join an evening of shared experience for our community. We will be creating space for those with lived experience, as well as front-line and support staff in our community to tell their stories and share their wisdom and knowledge around opioid use in our communities.

The night will start off at 5:30pm with delicious small plates and appetizers crafted by the wonderful team at The Canadian Grind.

At 6:30pm, the panel discussion will begin, with each panelist introducing themselves, their role in the community, and their experiences around the opioid challenges our community faces. Following the introductions, we will dive deeper to understand the complexities of addiction and mental health for individuals and their families. Through these discussions, we will also be observing some of the questions and comments from Healthy FSJ’s ‘Opioid Dialogue Trees’ which were used to collect community input at all of Healthy FSJ’s pop-up booths throughout the summer.

For the audience, it will mostly be about listening, observing and learning. There will be an opportunity following the panel discussion and lived experience stories for a brief question and answer period. There will also be time following the formal programming at 8pm for those who would like to share in conversations and dialogue with our panelists. Our goal for the evening is to create a welcoming space, where people feel safe to share their stories and thoughts, and ask questions. We would like to build compassion and empathy in our community, and create understanding and bridge misunderstandings about mental health and addiction, especially around the opioid crisis.

About Healthy FSJ

Our Vision: We aspire to have a healthy and inclusive community that is rooted in compassion, respect and dignity for all its citizens

Our Mission: To create inclusive, safe spaces in our community to have dialogue, share views, facilitate awareness and education, and promote compassion and understanding.

Guiding Principles of the Opioid Dialogues

  • Meet people where they are
  • Give everyone a voice
  • Create and facilitate safe spaces for dialogue
  • Make everyone feel welcome
  • Provide opportunities for education and awareness
  • Reduce stigma and work through misunderstandings
  • Allow space and opportunity for all viewpoints
  • Honour and be informed by those with lived experience

Event Details